Demo Racket Program

Find the perfect new racket for your game by using the Nakoma Racket Demo program. Nakoma Tennis Shop has the largest selection of tennis rackets to choose from in Madison, WI. Demoing a new racket with Nakoma is easy. You may demo up to three rackets at a time for a small fee of $5 each for a length of 3 days. Our demo rackets are strung with manufacturer recommended string. All racket demo fees will be discounted off the price of your new racket when purchased.

Demo Rackets Available:

  • Babolat – Pure Drive, Pure Drive Lite, Pure Drive Team, Pure Drive 107, Pure Drive 110, Evo Drive 115, Pure Drive 98, Pure Strike 16×19, Pure Strike Team, Pure Strike 97, Pure Strike 18×20, Pure Aero, Pure Aero Lite, Pure Aero Team, Pre Aero 98, and Pure Aero Rafa.
  • Wilson – Pro Staff 97 X, Pro Staff 97, Pro Staff 97L, Blade 98 16×19, Blade 100, Blade 100L, Clash 100, Clash 100L, Clash 98, Ultra 100, Ultra 100L, Burn 100, Shift 99 Pro, Shift 99, Shift 99L and Triad Three.
Tennis Rackets
Ball Machine

Use the Nakoma ball machine to try demos:

If you want to test the rackets on our property, you may use our ball machine. The cost is $10 for 30mins and must be reserved in advanced. You can call the pro shop at 608-210-3831

What if I don’t return them on time?
In order for all of our customers to have a chance to demo our rackets, it is important that they are returned to us on time. If the rackets are returned back late, you will be charged $2.00 per racket, per day that it is late. If we are unable to reach you after 7 days late, your credit card will be charged the full retail price for each racket.